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Some interesting blogs and research links

Dr. Yijun Yu is interested in Change Management, Requirements Engineering and Software Maintenance. He is publishing in the leading conferences and journals. The following is links to his personal page and publications, Yijun Yu .

Professor Bashar Nuseibeh is a leading researcher in Security, Privacy and Requirements Engineering. He has published more than hundred papers. The following is link to his personal page and publications for those who have similar research interests, Bashar Nuseibeh .

Anyone who is interested in Security and Privacy should know Bruce Shinier. He was named as the security guru by an International magazine, and undoubtedly his posts are really interesting for people working on security and privacy, Bruce Shinier .

Professor Anthony Finkelstein is very respectable in Software Engineering community, I always enjoy reading his blog, Anthony Finkelstein .

Ross Anderson is a security researcher, he and his group at Cambridge University maintains a blog on security. Here is the link to his personal page and blog, Ross Anderson .

Dr.Guenther Ruhe is one of the pioneers in the field of Software Release Planning; here is the link to his site for people interested in release planning research and tool support, Dr.Guenther Ruhe .

The Microsoft research group of "Empirical Studies of Software Engineering" is the best resource for the latest publications on software practice, Empirical Studies of Software Engineering .

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